Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flooded by Love

J Hasting
School has started.  The school season brings to mind a quote of St. Robert Bellarmine (whose feast day is today, September 17,): “In the last day, when the general examination takes place . . . love will be the whole syllabus.”

We all know that unhealed wounds need somehow to be opened (named) and anointed for healing to begin.  We also recognize that one dynamic energy that can anoint a wound, preparing it to open, is an outpouring of love.

Is it possible to believe, as some African tribal peoples believe, that all persons are invited to name and walk into (wrap their embracing arms around) their personal wound if they want to find their personal wholeness and gifts? Whenever a child is born with physical limitations in this tribe, the entire tribe celebrates, because they so strongly believe that when this child walks into her or his wound, she or he will be a tribal healer.

We as a global human community have currently heard consistent invitations to flood our parched acts of inhumanity (woundedness) with daily loving energy.  Is that the outpouring it will take to love one another into sufficient global freedom, into our fully gifted humanness?  Are we ready for the dailiness that would require?
Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck, OSB

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