Monday, August 5, 2013

Lessons from the Pope

During his recent visit to Brazil, CNN broadcast an entire Mass being celebrated by Pope Francis as he joined thousands of people gathered to celebrate World Youth Day. Crowds of up to 3,000, 000, came to hear him. He is a man who can draw an audience.

The new Pope has already touched the hearts of many through his simplicity and genuine concern for those who are poor and disadvantaged. Already he is affectionately known as the "parish priest of the world" and "the slum pope". People love him because he loves them.

Pope Francis touches so many people's hearts, not because of of his office, but because of who he is as a man, how he tries to live out his beliefs and remain faithful to the gospel he proclaims. His high-profile position means that he attracts media attention, and that's great because his message of compassion gets out to many people. But, what is really important is his personal conversion to the gospel, his commitment to it and determination to live that conviction in his daily life. For me, this provides a real meditation. My commitment to following Christ is personal, it centers on my inner conversion and how I manifest that in my life. What's important is not how many people recognize that, but that I am faithful to my call and try to live out the love and compassion of Christ each day.

Karen Rose, OSB

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