Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Benedictine Women's Service Corps Update

Ashley Blaine
At the end of May, our BWSC volunteer, Ashley Blaine, returned to Saint Benedict’s Monastery from St. Gertrude’s Monastery in Ridgely, Maryland, where she had been serving from August 29, 2012,  until May 24, 2013.  The weekend from May 24 until May 29 provided Ashley with re-entry time and space before returning to her family and her future. 

On Sunday, May 26, Ashley showed pictures, told stories, and basically summarized her experience at St. Gertrude’s, to a group of approximately 50 Sisters at Saint Benedict’s Monastery.  The Sisters had a chance to ask her questions after she had talked about the ministries and community she served in Maryland.  At the end of her presentation, she shared a “Thank you” video that the Ridgely Sisters sent along with her to us at Saint.Benedict’s.

Ashley gave a similar presentation to the Sisters at Saint Scholastica Convent in St. Cloud.  The Sisters there were eager to hear Ashley’s adventures and experiences because many of them had been to Ridgely at one time or another. Ashley worked at the Benedictine School, sponsored by St. Gertrude’s.  This school is a residential facility for approximately 90 students who have multiple disabilities.  Another ministry is St. Martin’s House where young mothers with small children reside until they attain education and skills that they will use for taking care of themselves and their children.  Lastly, the Ridgely Sisters run “The Barn” which is a large food pantry and source of small household items for those who need them.  This outreach ministry serves the people in one of poorest counties in Maryland, Caroline County.

As Ashley Blaine adjusts to no longer volunteering, Christina Desert, graduate from the College of Saint Benedict in May, 2013, is looking forward to her year of BWSC service.  She will be arriving at Saint Benedict’s Monastery on August 15 for a 2-week orientation period prior to going to Bristow, Virginia, where she will live with Benedictine sisters and serve in their adult literacy program, known as "The Beacon", as well as other community sponsored outreach programs.
Christina Desert

BWSC is looking forward to another quality year with our newest volunteer.  Christina is originally from Haiti, and now resides in Idaho with her family.

Mary Jane Berger, OSB

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