Tuesday, May 28, 2013

God in the Ordinary

It’s Ordinary time in the Church’s calendar.  This so-called “Ordinary time” started after the high feasts ofEaster, Ascension and Pentecost.  “Ordinary time?” we ask, “but now we begin summertime when the living is full.  What can the Church calendar be eager to teach us?”

A few days ago, one of our sisters hinted at the answer; she prayed: “We ask you now, O Holy Spirit of God, to stay with all of us as we begin to live ordinary time, secure in your love. Amen.”

How often, when we are faced with some decision, disaster or even evil, do we jump into action? Yet, Scripture tells us that “in quietness and confidence, shall we find our strength (Is. 30:15).”  We are asked to be still and allow God to be God (Psalm  46:10 ). God wants to direct us, if we but put our trust in God, if we not allow fear to overcome us, if we not take the entire burden upon our shoulders.  Today, in the smallest of things, we can practice being still and trusting our God so that the threats and uncertainties of this summer will not overcome us!

Ordinary time but extraordinary events, and many of them:  weddings, births, deaths, vacations, plantings and harvesting, decisions and transitions.  In the midst of these and others, can we remember that we have asked the Holy Spirit to stay with us as we live, secure in an extraordinary love?  We will need to be still in order to know God’s presence among us, no matter what!
Renee Domeier, OSB

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