Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Touch of Spring

At the point when our calendars marked the Spring Equinox, but the skies were emptying out lots of snow upon earth, I received an e-mail entitled “A Touch of Spring” with the subtitle, “We’re all ready for a bit of spring.” I love snow, but this time the irony was more than I could resist . I was delighted, opened the attachment, and found an interactive piece before me. Using the mouse, I could click as often and wherever I chose on a completely black screen. Frankly, I went a bit wild! At one little click I could present to the black screen a multitude of flowers, spring flowers. In a matter of seconds I felt as if I were a creator of beauty. Soon I had a veritable flower garden! Fresh spring green leaves and stems, sky blue flowers, yellow daisies, bubble-like and graceful fronds, orange, purple, peach blossoms popped up wherever I chose to place them. Some were double-petalled, tall and proud; others bent over slightly, forming a graceful welcome to my eye. There were larger flowers, the size of a quarter and tiny ones, the size of an earring.

Sometimes there were different kinds of flowers rising out of the same stem. One was in the form of a cross; all the rest shouted out “New Life” or “Resurrection” or “Come alive; yes, you too!” There were even fire-cracker blossoms. If I stayed at the same spot on the screen and clicked multiple times at that spot, I marveled at the wonderful overlapping colors, textures, and designs. Everything seemed to fit; everything was lightsome.

A TOUCH of SPRING? Oh yes, for sure. . .yet there was more. For me, it was a reminder of how God must have delighted in Creation . . .and still delights in that creation. It’s no surprise, then, that God saw that it was good, that it was very good!

Renee Domeier, OSB

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