Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Joy of Roses

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.” (Emma Goldman). My love affair with roses began about ten years ago when I “inherited” 16 tea rose bushes from a friend who was moving away. Always loving roses, but without any knowledge of how to care for them, I agreed to take them. Under the tutelage of another Sister who had been raising roses for many years, the roses survived and continue each summer to bring a special touch of beauty to many. For me, the delight in raising roses comes in sharing them. It is a joy to bring a few roses to a Sister when she is ill, recuperating, for a special occasion or in appreciation of assistance given. To add a touch of beauty in an unexpected place, fresh roses are placed in a women’s restroom that is used by Sisters and guests. Sisters delight in the roses and the feminine touch they bring.

Sister Dale Wollum, OSB’s poem expresses my sentiments:

Nature’s Surprise

Cuddled deep down

protected by nature’s laws

lies a seed of God’s mystery

awaiting the moment of


When gradually, one-one

petals open wide

displaying soft, velvety, red

red hues

in brilliant here-I-am Glory

praising God.

A picture-perfect,




Sister Dorothy Manuel, OSB

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