Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowflakes -- Grace Upon Grace

As we enter into this winter Advent, we remember this is the season of grace upon grace – when Christ entered our world and our lives. The dawn of grace has arrived.

Here is an image of grace upon grace:

The first snow has fallen. Friday night we had a beautiful, snowy day. As I watched, the snow fell straight down. At one moment the snowflakes were like downy feathers. There were so many that it was like all the down pillows in heaven had been split open and released from some sort of joyful, celestial pillow fight.

The myriad of snowflakes that followed were small as raindrops, yet descending in no hurry. It was as if they were taking their time and enjoying the ride. Can you imagine counting all the downy snowflakes? How can you focus? There are so many moving near and far, left and right, everywhere. Look between pine trees and see the near ones dancing through space. Look up and see the air patterned and moving, jllions of white dots inexorably sliding down the sky. Look across the prairie and hills and up into the gray clouds and feel the immensity of nature. The Presence of God.

God’s grace is like snowflakes falling down everywhere on the good and the evil. This is the grace of God: God’s kindness falling down on you from start to finish. It’s not your own doing, yet the patterns of grace descend on you as you go about your way. In the thoughts of loved ones, as you talk to one another, bragging, divulging and struggling. As you play, compete and live together, let God’s saving grace fall upon you ever so gently or in swirling wind.

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