Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When you care enough to send the very best - (Hallmark's trademark)

How often I look for “the very best” to gift my friend, my community and my family.
What I have learned is that “very best” isn’t found in token items, beautiful cards or expensive gifting. Rather, the gifting of my true self to another is the very best offering of love. It places me in a stance of vulnerability and trust as I expose my strengths and my limitations. The beauty of this way of self-giving frees me to claim my person as one who is continually becoming the more of who I am meant to be. When I choose to gift from my authentic self I am able to: speak with confidence and claim my fears; let my words be formed from a heart of gratitude and allow the sting of disappointment speak its truth to me; release the guards I have placed at the door of my heart and welcome in forgiveness those who have left scars upon my heart.

The gift of me won’t be wrapped in beautiful paper with an elegant bow that creates curiosity and excitement. The gift of me will be offered in the very ordinary and daily encounters of life. This is where I am becoming the more I am meant to be. … the very best of me.

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  1. Hi MC, thanks much!
    Thanks for sharing your story, and the challenge to be who we are...God's gift to self and others,