Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Power of Prayer

I often hear myself saying that I really believe in the "power of prayer," and I write that same phrase when I ask for prayer, saying that others really believe in the "power of prayer."

Just recently I actually experienced the "power of prayer," I think, or something very close to it. My 91 year old traveling companion, Sister Johnita, and I joked that she would be the one to shovel snow if we got stuck in any drifts on our way to Dickinson, North Dakota. We both have relatives there and often drive across the state to visit them and our hometown together. I drive and S. Johnita provides conversation and snacks.

This year we left St. Ben's after the big snowfall on Christmas Eve and Day. We knew that I-94 had been closed for at least one whole day, but the reports seemed good for driving west on December 28. And indeed they were. We had no problems except for facing the bitter cold.

However, on the way back on Saturday, January 2, we could not see much of anything because of ground blizzarding. Any snow that was loose on the ground was blowing around us making white-out driving conditions. I was following a black car that was the only other vehicle on the road it seemed. After many tense miles of sound bytes about the road and weather, S. Johnita suggested we pray the rosary.

Sure, I said, even though this is not my usual pastime while driving to and from North Dakota. "In the name of the Father, the Son, and ..."

As we started the third joyful mystery around Hebron, I noticed the visibility improving and felt more hopeful because I knew that 450 miles of 6-8 car lengths of visibility would make this an intense drive.

"The fifth joyful mystery - Birth of Jesus - . . ."

Mile by mile, we drove into brighter sky and clearer air until we reached New Salem and could actually see Sue, the dairy cow who overlooks the area from her perch on the hillside.

It may be hard to believe, but we were greeted by sunshine in Bismarck, only 40 miles after we finished praying the rosary. We relaxed somewhat and stopped for coffee just off Highway 83, and enjoyed one of S. Johnita's cookie snacks.

We hardly saw a snowflake in the air after that, and sunchine was our companion the entire trip to St. Joseph. Is this not a potent example of the "power of prayer"?

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  1. I usually don't see results as quickly as you - though I bet you felt like it was hours - but I DO believe so strongly, as it has helped over and over and over in my life. I have sent requests to you and your Sisters and really feel the power your prayers have. Thank you.